You are not your credit score. You’re not your 1040, your Schedule K, or your profit & loss statement.

Maybe you need a creative loan – you’ve got an asset-rich, cash-poor estate that needs settling, you’re a non-profit that needs a home, or you’re looking for a way to bridge the gap between investments – and you just need to talk to the person who makes the decisions. After four separate automated phone systems and a “customer service agent” or questionable “loan officer” at the big box bank, you’re still no closer to a loan, or even to someone who knows what a 1031 exchange is.

And you need your loan completed quickly, you say? You’re a great risk, your loan is a no-brainer, and you’re wondering why the turnaround time has to be a minimum of 45 days, and then only if you’re lucky about not just the first person you talk to, but also the next 14 people in 7 states who need to touch your paperwork before you close.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

INCOME PRODUCING PROPERTIESROZA REAL ESTATE LOANS, INC. has been providing lightning-fast private money loans on residential and commercial properties in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 35 years. We make our decisions in-house, and we don’t have to go through committees, review processes, or send your paperwork across a dozen desks to get your loan funded.

We lend primarily based on equity and assets – you don’t need a perfect credit score or to show huge cash flow. We assess each application individually, looking at the whole picture. If you’ve got a challenging or unique situation, we’d love to help you.

RESIDENTIAL INCOME PROPERTIESHaving been in business since 1973, we’ve seen every market, every situation, and every type of loan. We offer our borrowers exceptionally fast loan processing, very competitive rates and fees, terms to suit your needs, with loans available on nearly every type of property. We can lend as little as $100,000 up to $2MM – all funding with our same incredible speed.

We offer our investors a wide variety of investment opportunities that provide a high degree of safety, low risk, and a high rate of return on investment, including both single loan and loan pool investments. Our proven track-record and long experience serves our investors well.

Our commitment to all of our clients is to deliver the highest standard of trust, integrity, professionalism and customer service.

We invite you to contact us regarding your loan needs. We will make it our mission to provide the Lending Solutions for Your Financial Future.

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Church and Non-Profit Lending

Churches and Non-Profits often have a difficult time securing traditional lending due to a lack of consistent cash flow or a huge revenue stream. We’re able to lend on equity – even creatively – and can easily service these types of loans. The property securing this loan was a former funeral home on a lovely street … [Read More...]

Mixed-use Money Saver

Since we’re an Equity Lender, we look at more than just a credit score and income tax returns to determine whether or not we can lend to you. Since we primarily lend on the equity in your property, we look first at your assets. We review your credit history and your other financial information, but the equity rules the … [Read More...]

Investment Property Equity Lending Saves the Day

While most institutional lenders balk at anything involving construction, we are able to creatively assess an entire property portfolio and work to solve problems – even mid-construction. This construction loan was for a single family home, (investment property), being built with the client’s own money. It was … [Read More...]